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Council Tax band - formal challenge checklist

Answer all the questions below and then select 'Submit' to see if you can make a formal challenge.

1. Have you become the new Council Tax payer for the property within the last the six months?
2. Have you received a Notice of Alteration within the last six months from the Valuation Office Agency telling you that your band has changed?
3. Has a decision been made in the last six months by the Valuation Tribunal or High Court about another property (which is also applicable to your own property) which suggests that your band is wrong?
4. Has the whole or part of your property been demolished (unless itís the first stage of rebuilding work)?
5. Has your property been converted into flats or more than one house/bungalow, or vice versa?
6. Is your property no longer liable for Council Tax and needs deleting from the list?
7. If your property is a 'mixed use' property (has a business and domestic use), has there been an increase or decrease in how much is used for domestic purposes?
8. Is part of your property now used for business purposes, or is the part that was used for business purposes now used for domestic purposes?
9. Do you want your property added to the Council Tax valuation list? For example, if it's a newly built property that isn't already listed.
10. Have you bought a property that was extended or altered by the previous occupier and the band needs to be reviewed?
11. Have permanent changes in the physical state of your area affected the value of your property (e.g. a new supermarket has been built nearby)?
12. Have adaptations been made to the property to make it suitable for someone with a disability?

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Published: 31/03/2011