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Formal challenge details

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To make a formal challenge against your Council Tax band online, fill in the details below and select 'Next'.

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What is your reason for challenging the Council Tax band?

You have to choose one of the following reasons when challenging the Council Tax band

  • The entry for the property shown above is inaccurate - because you believe the Council Tax band for the property is wrong

  • The property shown above should be deleted - because you believe Council Tax is no longer payable on it, for example, it's been demolished or it's now a shop

  • The entry set out in the Listing Officer's notice dated __ is inaccurate - this will only apply if you received a Notice of Alteration from the Valuation Office Agency. This is a formal document about the Council Tax band, not your Council Tax bill

Why do you think the Council Tax band is wrong?

Please give evidence as to why you think the Council Tax band is wrong. For example:

  • a similar property is in a different band

  • you believe the property was put into the wrong band when it was banded for Council Tax purposes

  • the property has changed – perhaps an extension was built or disabled access added

You can’t make a challenge based on the property’s current value. For Council Tax purposes, the band of the property is based on its value on 1 April 1991 (for England) or 1 April 2003 (for Wales).

Which Council Tax band do you want to propose? Please choose the Council Tax band you think should apply to the property. The range of property prices for each band are shown below. Properties in Wales were revalued in 2005.

Council Tax bands for properties in England, valued on 1 April 1991 Council Tax bands for properties in Wales, valued on 1 April 1991 Council Tax bands for properties in Wales, valued on 1 April 2003
Band A Up to £40,000 Up to £30,000 Under £44,000
Band B £40,001 to £52,000 £30,001 to £39,000 £44,001 to £65,000
Band C £52,001 to £68,000 £39,001 to £51,000 £65,001 to £91,00
Band D £68,001 to £88,000 £51,001 to £66,000 £91,001 to £123,00
Band E £88,001 to £120,000 £66,001 to £90,000 £123,001 to £162,000
Band F £120,001 to £160,000 £90,001 to £120,000 £162,001 to £223,000
Band G £160,001 to £320,000 £120,001 to £240,000 £223,001 to £324,000
Band H Over £320,000 Over £240,000 £324,001 to £424,000
Band I - - Over £424,000

The introduction of the Council Tax valuation list in 1993, is the earliest date you can select.

Only complete this section if your challenge is based on a decision made by a Valuation Tribunal or the High Court within the last six months. Provide details about this decision, for example, the date it was made, properties involved, name of the tribunal etc.

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Published: 31/03/2011