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If you think your Council Tax band is wrong

If you think your banding may be wrong, you can contact the Valuation Office Agency to discuss your reasons. Most queries about Council Tax bands can be resolved quickly and easily this way.

If your case can't be resolved immediately, the Valuation Office Agency may carry out a more detailed review of your band.

Before you contact the Valuation Office Agency to query your Council Tax band, please note that:

  • a band review can place your property in a lower or higher band, or leave it unchanged
  • band A is the lowest Council Tax band - if your home is already in band A, it can't be reduced further

Contact the Valuation Office Agency

What if your case hasn't been resolved?

If you’re still unhappy with your Council Tax band after contacting the Valuation Office Agency, you might be able to formally challenge the band. However, the circumstances for doing so are limited.

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Published: 31/03/2011